The beta version of “CA Dashboard,” a business intelligence tool capable of integrating and visualizing all data of online advertising performance, now covers the currencies of over 160 nations.

Sep 18 2018

Following the expansion of advertisement distribution to global markets, we have developed a function that automatically reports and reflects foreign exchange rates.

CyberAgent, Inc. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Susumu Fujita; listed in the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange; Stock Code: 4751) has developed a function of automatically reflecting foreign exchange rates in the beta version of “CA Dashboard,” a business intelligence tool that our company provides in the Internet Advertising Business to allow advertisers to integrate and visualize all of their respective online advertising performance data, and the tool is now compatible with the currencies of more than 160 countries.                                                                                                                                             
In the Internet Advertising Business, our company has established bases not only in Japan, but also a number of countries and regions, including San Francisco, New York, Beijing, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, and Guam. In addition to local sales activities in these areas, we have engaged in global business expansion by exerting our meticulous operational abilities that we have cultivated in the Japanese market, such as programmatic advertising on Facebook, Google, and other media, and enhancement of the ad technology field.
Taking global advertising performance of advertiser enterprises into account, our company has added a function of automatically reflecting foreign exchange rates that fluctuate from day to day to the beta version of “CA Dashboard,” a business intelligence tool that specializes in online advertising, and made it possible to display advertising costs in the currencies of over 160 nations, including U.S. dollar, South Korean won, and New Taiwan dollar.
Traditionally, as the advertising cost was presented in several local currencies that varied depending on media, the multiple different currencies used were unified to a single currency and the change was reflected by hand; however, thanks to the introduction of the function, it is no longer required to manually deal with foreign exchange rates.
Our company has encouraged advertiser enterprises to adopt the beta version of “CA Dashboard.” We will put forth efforts to introduce it also to thriving global companies so that we can provide support at an accelerating rate to all companies both in Japan and overseas.
We are planning to develop new functions for the beta version of “CA Dashboard,” and besides, we will continuously endeavor to maximize advertising effectiveness through our devotion to product development and corporate marketing support using our company’s advanced technological capabilities.
What is the beta version of “CA Dashboard”?
The beta version of “CA Dashboard” is a business intelligence tool that specializes in online advertising and is offered to advertisers.
Regarding the online distribution of companies’ advertisements, this tool integrates and visualizes data of online advertising performance for all media, which allows advertisers to check advertising effectiveness from diverse perspectives, such as issue identification for each medium, effectiveness of advertisement creative, and impression attenuation, and use the data for optimizing budget allocation. Furthermore, not only are these data available at any time to those who are in charge in each company, but also this tool has made it possible to play back video advertisements, which were difficult to describe in conventional Excel reports, on online reports.
■Corporate profile of CyberAgent
Corporate Name: CyberAgent, Inc.
Location: 1-12-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: Mar. 18, 1998
Capital: 7,203 million yen (As of the end of Jun. 2018)
Representative: Susumu Fujita, President
Nature of Business: Media Business, Internet Advertisement Business, Game Business, and Investment Development Business
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