“CA ProFit-X,” an SSP specializing in smartphones, actualizes the brand safety of the media by installing the function to screen ads to be posted

Aug 06 2018

Adtech Studio of CyberAgent, Inc. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Susumu Fujita; listed in the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange; Stock Code: 4751) develops services in the ad technology field. Adtech Studio has added the β version of “ProFit-X Brand Safety Screening before Posting,” the function to distribute only ads that have passed the screening for the purpose of maintaining the quality of ad stocks and excluding ads that would degrade the reliability of advertising media to “CA ProFit-X,” a smartphone-specialized SSP.
Recently, ads and creative works that are considered inappropriate have increased in the Internet ad market, and the risk that such ads are posted in the media has been augmenting. The posting of such ads and creative works would diminish the brand value of the media and significantly damage the value of ad stocks in the Internet ad market.
“CA ProFit-X” has been promoting the exclusion of illegal and hazardous websites, which could degrade the brand value of advertisers, for making Internet ads sound. This time, in order to solve this issue, we have developed “ProFit-X Brand Safety Screening before Posting” as a new function to distribute only ads that satisfy our original criteria.
In detail, this function is to examine ad information obtained from demand-side partners based on the original screening criteria of “CA ProFit-X,” which have been developed in cooperation with the media, and distribute ads and creative works that have passed the screening. Currently, screening is conducted mainly by the system, and partially manually. By the spring of 2019, we plan to automate the entire system.
“CA ProFit-X” will keep operating products with the aim of contributing to the sound Internet ad market.
■ Regarding CA ProFit-X
“CA ProFit-X” operates one of the largest supply-side platforms (SSPs) in Japan, which specializes in “smartphones × in-feed ads” with the aim of “maximizing the revenue of the media around the world.” At present, it concentrates on the expansion of the stocks of video ads to be distributed for the digitalization of an advertising budget, and holds an auction beyond the categories of “video ads,” “native ads,” and “banner ads” for the same ad space.
■ What is Adtech Studio?

It is a cross-sectoral organization of engineers of the CyberAgent Group for developing services in the fields of ad technologies, AI, and robot services. It was established on October 1, 2013, and currently involves 4 subsidiaries, so that about 200 engineers offer about 20 services, including SSP, DSP, AI, and robot services, which support RTB advertisement. 

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