CyberAgent released “Twitter River Sampling,” an original solution for measuring brand lift in Twitter

Feb 26 2018

CyberAgent, Inc. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Susumu Fujita; listed in the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange; Stock Code: 4751) started offering “Twitter River Sampling,” an original solution for measuring brand lift in a campaign using Twitter in the Internet ad business.
Twitter offers a scheme for measuring brand lift for advertising enterprises, but its requirements have limited the number of advertisers who are able to take advantage of the program. Meanwhile, there are growing needs for affordable, easy measurement of brand lift, to visualize the effects of corporate brand campaigns on users.
In these circumstances, our company launched “Twitter River Sampling,” an original solution for measuring brand lift easily at low cost on Twitter.
By utilizing this solution, it is possible to quantitatively measure the effects of ads on a brand even for campaigns that do not satisfy the conditions specified by Twitter, and compare how those who have seen ads vs those who have not, recognize, like, and want to use a brand to measure the effects of ads [DELETED]. Since there is no limit on the number of ad spaces like media surveys and it is possible to set the number of questions freely, the degree of freedom in measuring the effect of brand ads on Twitter is high. 
For “Twitter River Sampling,” we adopted the lead banner questionnaire format, which distributes questionnaire ads to those who see ads and those who don’t and collect their answers in the timeline of Twitter. As for those who do not see ads, users who do not see ads due to the settings for exclusion of ad distribution are specified, and users to be excluded are selected by using Twitter IDs randomly sampled through “User Profile DB,” a service of estimating the attributes, hobbies, and preferences, which is provided by NTT Data Corporation.
CyberAgent will keep striving to develop services and offer new marketing tools, in order to help maximize the effects of sales promotion and marketing of enterprises that utilize social media.

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