Quvie, a video ad creative solution package that specializes in oversea distribution service starts

Aug 08 2016

Its feature includes interlocks with AI(Artificial Intelligence) and specialization in 11 countries among America, Asia, and Europe.

CyberAgent(HQ: Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, CEO: Susumu Fujita, TSE security code: 4751) launches video ad creative solution packages, service called Quvie.
Nowadays, in order to develop effective video creative, it is essential to understand format of distributing media and logics of distribution. Also, to achieve success in oversea markets, understanding country`s culture and creating creative that has been localized is critical.
Quvie is a service that focuses on providing services varying from localized video to producing creative test, distribution, and effective verification. The service is provided in one step to achieve faster PDCA concentrating on providing oversea video solutions concentrating on traits of quickness, quality, and quantity.
Distributing nations vary from America, Europe(England, Germany, Italia, France) to Asia (Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia). It can provide varying services and localized creatives to be optimized for each country. In the near future, by interlocking DMP audience data and AI(Artificial Intelligence), automation of creating and distribution of creative seems feasible.
At the moment, company`s advertisement business has base in America, Vietnam, Taiwan, Beijing, Singapore, Korea to support oversea company to enter or expansion of domestic companies to overseas. With strong experience in advertisement management and successful results, Quvie looks forward to provide problem solving services and enhancing advertisement efficiency.

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