CyberAgent opened “STUDIO CRAV”, an studio specialized in creating video creatives, in Shibuya.

Sep 08 2016

~ Be able to supply high-quality creatives more quickly, because of this brand new studio ~

CyberAgent(HQ: Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, CEO: Susumu Fujita, TSE security code: 4751) opened “STUDIO CRAV”, an studio aiming to create high-quality creative more quickly, on September 8th, 2016.
Since video ads market is predicted to worth 80 billion yen in 2016, new video ads are created every day. Well-performing creatives are demanded along with the high demands on delivering video ads.
It is important to be able to offer variety of high-quality creatives quickly, especially in
both in-feed ads and in-stream ads which are the most growing formats. We figured out
that when creating video ads with materials for video ads, both impression and
conversion volume improves 9 times compared to video creative created by materials for
static creatives. Additionally, since demands on creating long and high-quality video
contents, such as drama, animation, are increasing, so various video creatives are
required recently.
In order to respond to this demands, we opened “STUDIO CRAV”. This studio enables us to take various products and people for creatives, create housing shows, news, talk show, and so on. This studio is also capable of creating “360 degree video”, “VR”, “animation”, “vertical video” and “CG”.
Moving forward, we will be improving this service thinking of opening a “virtual studio”
which we can apply our assets such as 3DCG and image analyzing technology.
*1:Video Advertising Investigation(CyberAgent / Seed Planing, 2015)
*2: Data as of 3rd quarter of 201d

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