Official Launch of “AbemaTV” Internet TV Station from CyberAgent and TV Asahi

Apr 11 2016

Official Launch of “AbemaTV” Internet TV Station from CyberAgent and TV Asahi

Official Launch of “AbemaTV” Internet TV Station from CyberAgent and TV Asahi12 new channels including music and sports, more than 20 original regular programs starting on “AbemaSPECIAL” and “AbemaNews” channels

AbemaTV, Inc., established through a joint investment by CyberAgent, Inc. (Tokyo; Susumu Fujita, president; TSE Code 4751) and TV Asahi Corporation (Tokyo; Hiroshi Hayakawa, Chairman & CEO) in April 2015, announces the official launch of “AbemaTV,” a 24-hour, free internet TV station with 24 channels, on April 11, 2016.
“AbemaTV” is new video streaming service jointly developed by CyberAgent and TV Asahi as an “internet television station.” The service features a wide variety of content, high-quality streaming, and a user-friendly interface design. All content is provided free of charge.
“AbemaTV” began pre-launch broadcasting with a limited number of channels on March 1. With the official launch on April 11, “AbemaTV” will offer a total of 24 channels with a varied content lineup across a range of genres, including the simultaneous start of more than 20 original regular live broadcast programs on “AbemaSPECIAL Channel,” with original live programs, and “AbemaNews Channel,” undertook the products by the TV Asahi News Division. Additional channels offer music, sports, anime, and programming linked to TV Asahi’s terrestrial broadcast programs. Content will be available for smartphones, PCs, and tablets, offering a TV-like viewing experience at any time, in any place. Going forward, we plan to add compatibility with Chromecast, AirPlay, and other formats to allow for use on various devices. Advertising similar to TV commercials will also be introduced in the programming. Ad sales officially start from April 2016, and will be included in programs from around May.
A promotional campaign for “AbemaTV” will also begin from April 11, including the first TV commercials for the service, broadcast nationwide (except in certain areas). We will continue to proactively expand the content lineup and develop services, with the aim of making “internet TV,” a completely new style of video streaming service, an integral part of daily life, and one that users habitually watch in the course of their everyday routine.

■”AbemaTV” Channels

AbemaNews Channel:
24/7 news channel undertook the products by TV Asahi News Division
AbemaSPECIAL Channel:
Focus on original variety show, music live or special program such as 24-hours live broadcast a celebrity.
Onegai Ranking Channel:
Program content fully linked to TV Asahi’s popular late-night program “Onegai Ranking.”
Specialty programming alongside “AbemaSPECIAL”
Press Conference Channel:
Full live broadcasts of press conferences on trending people and topics
Super radical love programs, programs shadowing of celebrities, and other reality shows popular overseas, 24-hours a day
U.S. and European music channel featuring the latest hits, recommended artists, and theme-based specials
Music channel focuses around Japanese rock and pop music, covers a variety of music genres, major and independent label, provides special programs of up-coming artists or latest music videos
Drama Channel:
Popular and classic TV dramas from Japan and overseas
Documentary Channel:
Globally recognized documentary films, along with videos debuting in Japan
Variety programs Channel:
Popular TV variety programs, and live comedy shows by popular celebrities
Pet Channel:
Original program with popular animal celebrities and more to watch cute animal videos
CLUB Channel:
Music festivals, events, EDM music videos and other content from around the world
Comprehensive sports program; game videos from Japan and around the world covering both major and minor sports
Worldwide surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding competitions, and video productions
Documentaries reporting on standards of various parts of the world, from chaos to order
Anime 24 Channel:
Popular anime and other programming
Late-Night Anime Channel:
Popular anime broadcast late at night, available throughout the day
Classic Anime Channel:
Anime to relive the emotions and excitement from childhood
Family Anime Channel:
Anime for every generation to enjoy, alone or as a family
Edge SPORT Channel:
BMX, motocross, and other extreme sports from around the world
Fishing Channel:
Variety of fishing-related video content
Mahjong Channel:
24-hour mahjong content, including original tournaments and more
AbemaTV FRESH! Channel:
Gateway to “AbemaTV FRESH!” for free to watch about 300 channels, 1,000 programs


・Program guide
・Flick through
・Full-screen view
・Android tablets compatibility
・Program notifications
・Comments,Twitter sharing
・Time-shifted viewing, on-demand
※Paid-for subscription required for these features
※Added as it become available by iOS
(Additional Features Planned) *Added as they become available
・Tablets compatibility (iPad)
・Chromecast, Airplay compatibility
・Android TV, Apple TV compatibility
・BRAVIA with Android TV compatibility
・Nexus Player compatibility

■”AbemaTV” Overview

Name: AbemaTV
Broadcast: PC (browser) / Google Play/ App Store
Recommended Environment:
      (OS) Mac: X 10.9, 10.10; Windows: 7, 8, 10
      (Browser) Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 11 or later
    [Smartphone/Android Tablets]
      Android    Android 4.3 or later Guaranteed Operating Environment: Android 4.1 or later
      iOS   iOS8.0 or later
Pricing: Free

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