CyberAgent Earned 5 Star, as The Top Ranking Agent in Criteo Certified Partners

Feb 17 2017

The one and only agency in Japan with certification for the third consecutive term

CyberAgent, Inc. (Tokyo; Susumu Fujita, president; TSE Code 4751) today announced that it has been awarded the top ranking of five star by Criteo (Tokyo; Jean-Baptiste Rudelle, Executive Chairman) as a Criteo Certified Partner. CyberAgent has become the one and only company in Japan to receive top rankings for the third consecutive term, which recognizes partners for our quality efforts in selling Criteo's advertising products.
Under its star partner certification program, Criteo grants the status of official sales agent to partners meeting certain conditions, and official agencies are ranked according to the star system. Criteo awards a rank of one star to five star, recognizing sales volume in half-year term. As the number of stars increases, it indicates that the agency has a high sales and performance record of Criteo.
CyberAgent is recognized as an important Criteo sales partner, having achieved a high degree of knowledge of the Criteo advertising product. It was the first agency in Japan to receive the five star rank in February 2016, and was also certified continuously in the awards of February 2017. This is the third consecutive certification, and we are the only agency receives Five Star certification to date in Japan.
Moving forward, CyberAgent, Inc. plans to expand its system for working with Criteo. It intends to reach even higher levels of quality and speed in offering marketing solutions to clients in Japan, leveraging the Company’s skills and experience in the Criteo advertising product that have strengths in generating and delivering personalized recommendation advertisements.

List of Official Sales Agencies recognized as Criteo Certified Partners
*As of February 14, 2017

<Certified history of Criteo Certified Partners (Star Agency System) at CyberAgent, Inc>

- First half of 2015 (Jan-Jun): Certified as 4 star  *Criteo Certified Partners has launched 
- Second half of 2015 (Jul-Dec): Certified as 5 star *The only agency that received 5 star in Japan
- First half of 2016 (Jan-Jun): Certified as 5 star
- Second half of 2016 (Jul-Dec): Certified as 5 star *The first agency that certified as 5 star for the third consecutive term
*Conform to the accounting period of Criteo SA.

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