Event report of ChinaJoy 2018!

Aug 10 2018

We participated in a worldwide game event "China Joy 2018" which was held in Shanghai from August 3rd to 6th.
This year’s event was held during a typhoon, but the venue was filled with enthusiasm and we were able to get a glimpse of the high attention that this event received.
CyberAgent was featured at the Facebook's booth as one of their Marketing Partners.

At the booth, we explained to the companies that visited us, about the CyberAgent's digital advertising efforts centering on our own advertising operation platform "iXam Drive" specializing in infeed advertisement.
In addition to operation management such as daily optimization of campaigns and creative, iXam Drive which provides flexible reporting, bidding function, creative insertion / replacement function using AI, has been well received by many companies.
Also on August 3rd our sales manager Wang talked with Mr. Morioka of IGG Japan who is known for Lords Mobile, about the “Successful Localization for Gaming- best practices and Japan market opportunities ”.

・Promotion Results
‐The cumulative monthly installs has increased by about 500% after the promotion launched.
・About the Facebook advertisement creatives
‐Nearly 80% of advertisement creatives on Facebook were from video creative.
‐Effective video advertisement from the viewpoint of CVR was not only the play screen of a game, but also the situation where the player is playing and using subtitles.
One of the best performing video creative was actually the play scene with subtitle.
· About operation optimization using iXam Drive
- Optimization of Ad creative with AI
- Auto insertion / delete creatives in bulk
- Confirm report promptly

We received questions from many clients considering the Japanese market and it was an opportunity to realize again the height of the attention that the Japanese market receives.
In addition to that, also touched on efforts on creatives which we are currently focusing on and advertising distribution in the US · Indonesian market.
CyberAgent's Internet advertisement business headquarters is strengthening global initiatives and we will continue to make efforts to meet the needs of our clients more widely.
※1 Facebook Marketing Partners, in the eight categories of Facebook, is a system that selects certified companies which offers services accepted by Facebook. FMP badges will be awarded to certified companies that are recognized for success in the eight categories. Please see from the URL for details. 

■For inquiries about this news release
Publicity staff of CyberAgent, Inc.
E-mail: info_ca@cyberagent.co.jp

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